Yoga & Meditation

… with Eva 💙

Navigating life’s mad rollercoaster – big ups and downs for all of us at the moment. Yoga & Meditation offer powerful tools to ground and feel centred within ourselves, reduce anxiety and overwhelm & create a deeper relationship to ourselves and each other. Find a beautiful sense of lightness, ease and peace within body and mind.



 I think we have hit the nail on the head with your sessions. The core is so important for everything we do, especially running. Given my recent hip injury, I have had to stop and evaluate. I am on the path to better running I know. And you are helping me. “

“Your relaxed style and infectious laugh instantly create a warm atmosphere which I appreciate as a comparative beginner to yoga. I feel my legs and back and shoulders being stretched into a better place, and my breathing and brain being relaxed, it is wonderful. You have a gift.

“As a complete beginner I was a bit nervous at first but you have been great at welcoming me into the world of yoga, and the classes have been a great way to relax, stretch and recover from running. Always leave feeling happy and rejuvenated.”


Hi! I’m Eva!

Thank you for popping by.

During the past 12 years of practicing and teaching Yoga I gradually started combining my love for running with Yoga to experience the many benefits first and foremost for myself, but then also saw hundreds of my students do the same. It’s an exciting journey of feeling better and stronger, and more grounded within and connecting with ourselves and the world on a deeper level again.

Let me hold your hand as I guide you through the beautiful beginnings. Step on your mat and give it a go, ask me any questions along the way and watch how your your feeling about yourself, your health and your life will magically transform along the way.


Consistency is key - bite sized sessions at the ready.