A piece of Yoga Wisdom in times of Challenge.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are a framework, like a manual, for the study and practice of Yoga. They are like the bible for us Yogis, yet it’s not often taught (or studied) very much in a lot of Western yoga classes these days. I actually only recently got back into studying it which makes me want to share more with you, it’s really good stuff…

There’s some brilliant wisdom within number 1.12 of the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, well, within all of them, but this one teaches us exactly HOW to practice. And here it is:

The thing is we want to practice without being attached to the outcome. Even without thinking about all the reasons why I want to feel xyz. Simply practice.

It’s like turning off a switch in your mind. Just enjoy it. 

Tune into your breath and into your body and simply move. Be aware. Be present. To what is happening right now.

Sutra 1.12 says that if we can be firm and unwavering in our efforts to step onto our mat and practice whilst equally being detached from the outcome of the practice – we will find a deep awareness of our inner landscape, our vrittis – remember the “mental modifications or habitual thought patterns”, so they will slowly slowly (catchy monkey) settle down.

I so love how the application of the Sutras is so universal and how easily we can take their wisdom into our running and into our whole life as well.

Put on your running trainers, make it non-negotiable and just – go – run.
Don’t allow your mind to talk you out of it.
Notice when it tries to do it.
Count backwards 5 4 3 2 1 and just go.

Oh what a great reminder to myself.
Life’s a journey, ey?
It can be a tough one sometimes with all it throws at us. The “mind stuff” is so challenging at times. For so many of us.

Yet often it’s easier than we have ourselves believe.
Turn off that switch and take the first step getting out the door. Don’t negotiate with yourself.
And then once you’re out notice how you’ll slowly get back into the flow of things, remembering why your body loves it so much.

Wherever you are on your journey right now, and you’re faced with challenges and obstacles, keep moving forward. Change is the only constant in our live. Always remember that “This Too Shall Pass”.

And that change always starts with that first step.

Be kind. Be gentle. Cut yourself some slack. And then go out and enjoy moving for what it is, in gratitude of our ability to do what we do.