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6 Days to become stronger in body and mind. I love this Core Strength Challenge to cultivate a healthy dose of strength and challenge yourself to dig a little deeper.

Yoga for Beginners

With yoga to the finish line. A course for Runners who would like to see what Yoga is all about and how it helps us become better runners, find health and well-being on so many levels.

Not just for runners really…

Intro to Meditation

A journey into the world of meditation. Learn how to easily get started, be guided through my favourite, transformational set of meditations and enjoy finding stillness and peace in the craziness that is life.

Start today!

I’m here for you and will guide you along your way.

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Core Strength


(Be A Ninja)

Journey into Meditation


Yoga for Beginners


With Yoga to
The Finish Line
A Course for Runners


The Sanskrit word Yoga means …

to unite, to come together, to make whole

It’s a time for us to come together as a human family, to pull together, to move together in one direction.

It’s also a time for us to tune in. To discipline ourselves, to stay steady and process our emotions in a healthy way, whilst staying balanced, grounded and reacting from a place of wisdom and inner clarity and peace.

Be gentle and kind, my friends, and stay extremely compassionate with yourself and the world.