Before I’ve got a little New Years Surprise for you below, let’s have a look at where exactly a lot of us are in our training right now. If you started training for your next marathon in the spring, you’re probably in your Base Building Phase which prepares the body for the next phase of harder, faster running. It’s SO important as it serves as a great bridge to our more race-specific training program later.

Our fitness will improve through running faster-paced miles, and starting to increase our long runs will also help to increase our endurance. So it strengthens our whole body, including muscles, bones and connective tissues.

Since starting a regular Yoga practice, I’ve always included strong Core Strength sessions in my training, but especially in the base building phase. Not only does it help to get myself ready for more intense running further down the line. It also helps to get through some really tough workouts, both at the gym and out running. Which in turn makes all our efforts more effective overall.

Fact: A stronger core makes you a better runner.

And a healthier one. And in my case, as happier one, too.


  • Creates stability – reduces risk of getting injured
  • Surrounding muscles relax easier (cut your hamstrings some slack!)
  • Improves posture – to counter imbalances in the body
  • Run with less effort, and more ease
  • Stand taller, more upright – as a result feel more confident and in control of our life
  • Counter balances inactive desk-bound life-style
  • Move better, more fluid as a result of the integration of torso and limbs
  • Builds a strong foundation – that über-important powerhouse from where we drive from
  • Reduces back pain by stabilising the spine and its important support musculature

And the beauty of it all? All these benefits are interlinked with each other.
So once you start practicing, you’ll immediately feel the results in ALL these areas.

A few years ago I was able knock off 40 minutes off my Marathon PB after I started practicing Yoga and in particular when I started to tailor my practice to my running – which includes a ton of Core Strength.


My aim for 2019 is to get back to where I was by practicing Yoga, including a ton of Core strength, and then bank another PB in my next marathon! Sounds good, right? 🙂

So tell me, what are YOUR running goals in 2019? And are you going to include regular Core Strength work to your training?

If you want to find out just HOW EASY it is and how a Core Yoga practice can powerfully benefit your training and racing, I’d love to invite you on my journey! If you’re a beginner new to marathon running or if you just believe you could benefit from some extra Core work training – join me for this new Challenge I created for us:


Click through and join me today!

Wherever you are on your journey, I wish you the best of love and health and speedy legs!
Namaste & happy running!
Eva xx