Hello there lovely,

 Thanks so much for dropping by! If you’re here to learn how to use a regular Yoga and Meditation practice to enhance your running AND your life, I’m super excited, as that’s exactly what I’ve got in store for you.



I love teaching group and corporate classes here in Bristol and work privately with (not just) runners, cyclists and triathletes who are passionate about their sports and committed to make a difference in their lives by tapping into the full potential every body has within. Yoga is an ancient practice that helps us move back into alignment within our physical bodies, as well as our mental and emotional bodies. When done consistently it helps us gain strength and mobility and leaves us feeling relaxed, centred and strong. In a world where stress has become THE major risk factor for so many mental, emotional and physical illnesses, it also helps us re-discover that elusive mental clarity and peace of mind.

My mission is to help you re-discover the awareness and connection to your body and mind.

To find your deep core to be stronger and healthier.

To become more mobile and move with more ease, to enable our muscles and tissues to be more supple and as a result recover quicker and avoid injuries altogether.

To  achieve more with less effort.

My mission is to help you find a way to let go of the gripping, resistance and fighting that we so often do in our bodies and move towards freedom and lightness, as well as strength and power.

And eventually my mission is to help you find more time for the things that really matter in your lives.


Consistency is key - bite sized sessions at the ready.