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If any of this sound familiar …

  • Your pesky hamstrings keep giving you grief, or your hips feel super tight …
  • You often feel tired, achy or simply super stiff after tough sessions …
  • Or you’re unhappy as you’d rather spend your time out running strong, not injured on the sofa …
  • You feel it takes ages to recover and wish you wouldn’t get injured in the first place …

I hear you… I’ve been there … And that’s why I want to invite you to join me today. 

In a series of three 2.5hr workshops you’ll learn in a friendly, welcoming and fun environment that there’s a way to live without (or at least less of…) the constant niggles, aches

and pains that often come with our training.

I can’t wait to have a little more time to spend with you to share what we can do to, in particular to manage hamstrings, hips and lower back troubles. You’ll get a ton of info to take away, in a easy and accessible formats, and of course I’ll be there for you if you have any questions beyond the days we meet.

Book into one, two or all of the workshops (and definitely check out the bonus section below for booking early and also for booking into all three workshops at once if you’re free)

Here’s the plan for the workshop itself – packed with goodness:

– 2.5 hours with me in a friendly and supportive environment

– A simple step by step approach to finding more flexibility in your hips and hamstrings

– The reasons WHY it’s so important to stretch and strengthen, and even more importantly HOW to

– Simple, pocket-sized warm-up and restorative cool-down sessions to take home with you (handouts included)

– A strong 45mins hamstring and hip centred session that’ll go deep into the connective tissue (“fascia”) that weaves throughout your whole body, including some sweet core pockets to fire up your deep core muscles

– A guided meditation to improve focus and concentration

You’ll also get: 


A previously recorded, FREE online course of all material that we cover during the workshop, so you can continue to build up on your strength and mobility whenever you feel like it – for life!! (*incl any future updates/additions, worth an extra £29.90)



Purchase ALL 3 workshops of the series for £80 – ie. get another £10 off the total,  (incl all online courses, a total worth of £179.70)



Be speedy and get yourself booked in today! 



– You are a runner of any ability
– Feel you can benefit from more strength and flexibility, especially in your hips and/or hamstrings
– You enjoy getting stronger, enjoy challenging yourself and enjoy feeling great in your body


– You believe pains and aches just come with age and there’s nothing you can do about it
– You’re not committed to yourself enough to create the change you desire
– You don’t want to get stronger or more mobile or run with less of these niggles and are happy where you’re at right now – without stepping it up in your running as well as in your life

Date: Saturday 4 March 2017
Time: 14:30 – 17:00 (please arrive 10mins early so we can start on time)
Venue: Bristol Pilates Studio, Monarch House,
1-7 Smyth Rd, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 2BX

Please bring:
– your gorgeous self
– comfy clothes (watch out the zipper on the back of your running tights…)
your own mat if you have one (please let me know if you don’t)
– a towel for your mat if you want to
– some layers if you get cold easily

I will provide: blocks and straps, spare mats if needed, workshop material/handouts, water & tea

PLEASE NOTE that if/when you have any current hips or hamstring injuries, I do not recommend you taking part, unless your healthcare provider has given you the clearance to do so. Any questions, please get in touch.

Are you ready to step it up?

Leave pain, aches and niggles behind and book in today xx

YES Please!!!