There are so many reasons to get in touch for private Yoga sessions with me  (*besides the fact I LOVE teaching 1:1’s)

  • You want to improve your ability to prevent injury or bounce back quicker afterwards, you’ve been doing more stretching, but are unsure about what exactly to focus on, and would like to know how Yoga can really help you.
  • You’ve not been to a group class yet, would like to go, but would like to establish some “foundations” first that can help you safely navigate through the class, by learning how to adjust and support yourself in a way that serves you best.
  • Maybe you’re troubled with an existing injury or health condition and you’d like some help to improve symptoms and reduce pain by practicing Yoga.
  • You may enjoy more focused, tailored attention that only a 1:1 session can give you.
  • Or you’re simply in need for some quality me-time, to slow down time, move, breathe and relax deeply.

Please click here to fill out the following application form, to find out a bit more about you. And let’s have a chat about whether 1:1 sessions could be for you and how you specifically could benefit most from the practice.

Come and join me for one of my group classes in Bristol! I’ve got a number of classes on offer – in Bedminster, in town at Vivo/Workout Harbourside and PureGym Harbourside, as well as at Breathe Bristol, just opposite the BRI. Click here to check out my class schedule and get yourself booked into a class with me.

MoveGB members welcome!


Practicing Yoga from the comfort of your home is one great way to get your yoga fix – for SO many reasons. Establishing a regular home practice is one of THE best ways to slowly but surely not just improve posture, reduce aches and niggles, and also down the line run better. But you’ll also start to learn how to feel really really really good in your body. Click through here to view my mini courses that I created to get you started.

Enjoy your sessions and let me know how you get on! What works for you and what not so much? What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to practicing at home? I’d love to support you – just reach out, I always love hearing from you.