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If you’ve been feeling tired, achy or super stiff after your training or racing or if your hips and hamstrings keep on giving you grief… If instead you’d much rather be spending the time getting ready for your next run or race or whatever else you love doing in your life – join me for my next workshop!
This is #1 of a 3part series of my Core Yoga For Runners Workshops – pre-register to find out as soon as details are confirmed.

If you sign up BEFORE SATURDAY 18th FEBRUARY, you will receive access to the recording and content of ALL of the workshop material in a password protected online course format – for life. 

Click through here to find updates on details and what’s included! 


Practicing Yoga from the comfort of your home is one great way to get your yoga fix – for SO many reasons. Check out my videos and start to cultivate a regular home practice. More videos to follow! Enjoy your sessions and let me know how you get on!

If you want to take it up a notch and REALLY take your running to the next level – watch this space find out what I’ve got in store for you. COMING SOON !!

Get in touch if you’re Bristol based and prefer that more personal touch where we look at how you specifically can benefit from the practice.